CH 1 Laptop Sticker Sheet
CH 1 Laptop Sticker Sheet
CH 1 Laptop Sticker Sheet

CH 1 Laptop Sticker Sheet

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Your most renown Chapter 1 pizza buddies all in one sheet! You can now carry a slice of Good Pizza, Great Pizza anywhere with you!

The sticker pack includes:

• 3x1.5" Eggplant Botanist Sticker x1

• 3x2" Dancing Mascot Sticker x1

• 3x2" Laughing Alicante Sticker x1

• 2.7x2.5" Money Homeless Buddy Sticker x1

• 2.6x1.3" Good Pizza Great Pizza Logo Sticker x1

• 1x1.8" Open Sign Sticker x1

• 2x1" Eggplant Plant Sticker x1

• 1.2x0.5" Pizza Cutter Sticker x1

• 1.5x1.5" Cardboard Box Sticker x1

• 3x2" Pizza Bear Sticker x1

• 1.5x1.5" Pepperoni Pizza Sticker x1

• 1x0.7" Tip Jar Sticker x1



Stickers are all waterproof! They'll stick to metal, cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, tin, just about anywhere.

However, if you are placing it on a bottle or kitchenware, make sure to hand wash the stickers only. Avoid excessive scrubbing on the edges and prolonged exposure to water.

Shipping: International shipping available. International delivery will take approximately 2 weeks.

International shipping available.