Currently all items are shipped nationwide through USPS. Shipping costs are automatically calculated and vary by destination (Shipped US domestic only for now).

Domestic shipping costs start at $3.00 and differ by each state/ area. We usually ship within 48 hours of your purchase right from our office in California!

If you have any issues receiving your item, please send us an email at store@tapblaze.com.

Returns & Exchanges

We would be happy to assist with a refund or an exchange.

If your item is defective, damaged or lost in transit, please let us know as soon as possible. We will provide a full refund or send a replacement item.

If you are unsure how to proceed or submit a return/exchange, please email us at store@tapblaze.com!

Future Drops

If our limited edition Homeless Buddy does well, we will make more characters from the game! Also we will ask our manufacturer for a bigger restock next time :)

This is our very first release after 2 years of planning, trying different manufacturers and many samples later.. our Ovenist fingers are crossed that it does well!

International Shipping

Unfortunately international shipping is not available at this time. The shipping costs from our office to international at times cost triple or quadruple the cost of the sold item.

We would like all our supporters to have a reasonable shipping cost per item. If you would like to see our items ship international, please send us an email at store@tapblaze.com - if we have a high enough demand, we will send a bulk of our next re-stock to a fulfillment center close to you!

This would allow you to purchase the plushies with a reasonable shipping/ custom cost.